"I want my community's voices to be SEEN, HEARD & UNDERSTOOD without prejudice and create a world of POSSIBILITY!"

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, TEDxHuntingtonBeach Curator and 
Speaker at TEDxDelthroneWomen

Spreading thought provoking ideas and the power of dreams to create an adjacent POSSIBILITY within our community.


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SEPTEMBER 23, 2023


Location: Talbert Middle School, HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA


Time: 2 - 6 p.m.


Much of today’s public conversation is eaten up by zero-sum battles between divided groups. But the world doesn’t have to be zero-sum. At TEDxHuntingonBeach we will explore together a strange and beautiful space called the adjacent possible.

We welcome innovators, entrepreneurs and builders. Explorers, creatives and change-makers. Visionary thinkers and doers from every field of human endeavor.

They use the power of imagination to make the world bigger, better, more thrilling, more hopeful.  And the incredible thing is … their visions may inspire us to actually make that possible world real.

At a time of great challenges, this is the antidote we need. Come dream with us!

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

TEDxHuntingtonBeach Curator

Dr. Izdihar Jamil is passionate about sharing her community's voices so that they can be SEEN, HEARD and UNDERSTOOD WIHOUT PREJUDICE. She is committed to spread thought-provoking ideas that are worth sharing to impact our community. She's seen on FORBES, TED.com, FOX11 TV and is a #1 International Bestselling Author of Money Makers. She is a TV Host/Producer of "It Takes COURAGE" aired on Apple TV, FIRE TV and ROKU.

What people say about us...

“At the end of 2022, Dr. Izdihar Jamil gathered a group of diverse members from the community for an online summit. We were asked to share any wisdom that we'd garnered over the past year. As soon as the summit began, deep insights began to emerge as each person's shared story sparked another epiphany from the next speaker. It was a magical experience and I'm grateful to have been part of it” ~ Laura Clancy, Entrepreneur


“Dr. Izdihar Jamil is one of the most heart-felt, inspiring human beings I know. Her events are curated with intention and excellence and leave the audience with possibility, advancement, and a vision of themselves as better. She is masterful in creating a space for all to feel welcomed and empowered.” ~Dr. Danielle Zanzarov, Ph.D., Health Practitioner

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